Friday, September 09, 2005

The Honky Motorcycle Club

I have joined the exclusive Honky Motorcycle Club. Dave May was nice enough to part with his Yamaha Husky 150cc motorbike. I was sick and tired of driving around on a little 90cc scooter; I am way to big for that nonsense. Every time I pulled up to a red light, I expected someone to pop up from behind a car and snap my picture. Then, of course, within hours I would show up in your hotmail the brunt of one of those terrible “….priceless” mass e-mails.
Mr. Johnny Shaw, formerly of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, currently residing in ‘Nam, was rumored to have said he would never own a motorcycle in Taiwan, as it was almost expected of him. He said that just about every North American who comes here gets a motorcycle, like they are too good for a scooter. I don’t know about all of that, I just got sick of riding around on a little mechanical, two-wheeled maxi pad. I am much happier with my motorcycle.
Karen has taken over full use and control of the Yamaha, Cabin 90 scooter that served as our only source of transportation thus far, and between the two of us we are tearing up the streets of Tainan. We have become known, locally as the “wheeled wygoran menace”, terrorizing locals and striking fear in to the heart of motorists everywhere. There is much cowering when the rumbles of our engines are heard thundering through the streets. The matching leather jackets are being tailored as I write this.
There will be pictures of our trusty metal steeds for the viewing pleasure of anyone who is still checking up on us. They will be posted shortly. I hope everyone back home has enjoyed their summer. I want pictures e-mailed to me of any Halloween shenanigans and whatever else that may be of interest. I am sorry for the long delay between blogs. I have been super busy at work. I will try harder to post more regularly.
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