Sunday, February 11, 2007

In Vietnam, Man's best friend is best fried....and then smothered in onions.

This is a call to all people still reading up on us from time to time. I am running a poll to find out whether or not I should eat Dog while I am in Vietnam. Karen has simply refused to even entertain the idea of dawg eatin, but I am still on the fence. I want to experience different cultural things while I am here, however, I have been licked in the face by dogs and have had dogs excited to see me come home from work/school. I know meat is meat and all that, and it is just a western hangup, but it is one that is deeply rooted psychologically. I fear that at the time, if or when I decide to take that step and sit down at a table in a dog restaurant and the plate is put before me, with a sizzling shelty, el dante doberman, baked lassie, steamed beagle, spicey sheppard or marinated mutt. I may just spear a piece with my fork and embark on a battle with my own conscience, mouth gaping awaiting the morsel, but unable to deliver the cargo to it's destination.
So I leave it up to you fine people, our family, friends or even the complete strangers who have taken to reading our blog from time to time. Leave a comment and say your piece.... To eat dog or not to eat dog....that is the question.


Thomas & Katie said...

Do it Ed!!

Angela said...

Just do it once. I was hung up on cow's tongue before and finally tried it and it is not that bad. Just do it. It probably tastes like chicken anyway.

Anonymous said...

After pondering the thought in our heads ... asking ourselves if we would do it in this situation......we have come to a split decision in this matter ..... I David I would first have at least 8 beers, 3 shots of tequila ,2 rum and cokes and then would battle the demon inside my brain to overcome the fact that I was about to eat a juicy chunk of Lassie ass. This way I would remember nothing in the morning other that what my friends have told me (as usual LOL) Carla on the other hand cannot eat anything that was alive unless it came from a fast food joint (and we all know that stuffs not even real meat) but we both agree that it would be much easier to do it on fear factor and win 50 grand

Dave and Carla