Thursday, March 08, 2007

Same old Same old

There has been a lull, so to speak, in our blogging as of late. Unfortunately, there is not much to mention. Things have been kind of ho-hum around here. The weather is unseasonably cool and keeps us indoors most days. Everyone is kind of taking it easy after the madness that was TET. We may be getting a visit from a friend in Taiwan in the next little while, but the details have yet to be worked out.
I have created something that is a little exciting. (if you are excited by mundane, geeky things) It is an on-line classroom, where all of my students are linked together in a community blog. They update journals and can view their classmates entries as well. It is fairly new and I havn't heard of anyone doing anything like this before, so it may be interesting to see how it turns out. I will have all of my students do it from this point on and will eventually build quite a large community with it. If you are at all interested in checking out this little start-up project, you can find it at Or, as always, you can just click the title of this blog to take you there instantly.
Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer we will have more interesting things to blog about. Until next time, play nice and keep your sticks on the ice.

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Anonymous said...

About as exciting here in Stlouis. I've been working like a dog as a restaurant manager for the past several months. Moneys good, but the job is hell. Are you guys going home this year? I am more than likely going home alone this year due to the expense. I'm shooting for the niddle of July. If you guys don't go I may skip hally. Everyone seems too busy in the summer to hang out. I saw Dave for a grand total of about 8 hours last year. Any way, I'll stop rambling and leave you with these wise words. Download skype plz! we can talk for free!! Tom