Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thailand trip

So today is April 5th, and after 2 days of travelling, we are finally settled into a hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand. What a trip! In the course of 24 hours we have single handedly managed to utilize every major mode of transportation possible. After getting off our motorbike in Hanoi on April 3rd, we took a 45 min. taxi to the airport where we boarded a plane for Bangkok, immediately getting off the plane after 1hr/45 min and onto an airport transfer bus to the terminal, from there onto a bus that took us through Bangkok rush hour traffic, where it proceeded to linger for 2 hrs at an almost dead standstill, forcing us to get off at the first available oppertunity (which was some good advice we heeded from a complete stranger on the bus who lived there) if we wanted to catch a connecting train or bus to Koh Samui that night. From here we crossed the street and climbed the stairs to the Sky Train, which took us to the Subway, where we could quickly reach the Railway Station. From here we tried to catch an overnight train, but the last train was sold out. So, on the advice from a friendly tout, we followed him to his travel agency upstairs and bought a ticket on the overnight VIP bus instead. 10 hrs later, we arrived at the Ferry Terminal, where we boarded a boat for the 4 hour journey. Once arriving, we found ourselves on the island of Koh Samui without a transfer to the beach we were staying at, so we hopped in a taxi, where upon our request, he drove us first to a phone shop to purchase a SIM card for our phone, and then to an internet cafe where he waited outside while we went online and got the number of our friend who is also staying here. Unfortunately, he wasn't answering, so we decided to have him drop us off on the main street where we could find a hotel. Once this was accomplished, we immediately headed for McDonalds (they don't have them in 'Nam!) for a Big Mac meal, then straight to the beach on the motorbike we rented from our hotel. All in all, a great, albeit long, but fun journey. After sleeping for the last 12 hours, we are looking forward to the next 10 days in breathtaking Thailand.

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Did my brother get a hold of you guys? Tom.