Sunday, December 02, 2007

1 Week

One week, seven short days, 168 hours or 10080 minutes until take-off. For our third Christmas away from home, we decided to do it right. We are spending a month in Phuket Thialand. "Phuket....Phuket......Why does that sound so familiar?" I can hear some of you pondering. That is because Phuket was the place utterly devastated by the Tsunami four years ago on Boxing day. That is correct, we will be at ground zero on the fourth anniversary of that horrible disaster. Don't worry, however, as the saying goes..Lightning never strikes twice, or some such rubbish. Just to be on the safe side, we will be looking for a room on the fifth or sixth floor. The tsunami hit last time just before 7 am, and we would have slept through that anyway. You can count on the fact that we wouldn't have been up and on the beach that early. We don't know what to expect being there on the anniversary of that awful day, but it should be an experience.
As for those of you in Canada and elsewhere that will be celebrating Christmas and New Year without us once again. We miss you all and we will be thinking about you while digging our toes in the sand and opening our presents on the beach with the yuletide waves crashing on the shore. It will be different this year, that's for sure. It was too depressing the last couple of years hanging around our house on Christmas, so what better way to take our minds off the fact that we will not have our friends and family around us, than loafing on a beach drinking copious amounts of Singha and eating like royalty for the holidays.
God Bless us.....Everyone.
Merry Christmas y'all.

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Marty & Mel said...

Hey Guys

I hope you enjoy your well deserved break from Vietnam. Are you guys still planing on moving to Thailand?, because we'll be passing back through that way near the end of next year. Canada is getting cold & it's snowing in Downtown Vancouver which we have been told rarley happens. We've already slipped up two times on our ass because of the ice on the road so we're both suppporting bruise tail bones. We're off to Whistler in two weeks for a break from the 40 hour jobs. (we should of listened to you) Then we only have 4 short months off work left before we're off again. Can't wait.

Have a fantastic Christmas & drink a few cold ones for us.


Marty & Mel