Saturday, July 17, 2010

A great article written about The Props ...CUT AND PASTE THE LINK OR JUST CLICK ON THE TITLE!!!


Eilidh MacLeod said...

Hello Karen and Ed, I came across your blog as I was surfing looking for more info about living and working in Hanoi. I'm currently in Scotland but intend making my way to Hanoi at the end of September. I'm hoping to secure work as an English teacher before I go but wondered how easy it would be to find work once in Vietnam. Also, maybe you could tell me about reasonably priced accommodation. I would rather a flat / house share. Maybe see you both at a gig! Regards, Eilidh

Marty and Mel said...

Hey Ed... mate congrats on the sucess the band is having. You'll start to be recognized in the street there if you not already. Sounds like you guys are making waves... the beatles of Vietnam hey. Well done guys, all the best and take care.

Marty and Mel

mike said...

Hi Karen and Ed,

I read your interview on Vietnam on

I see that you both moved to Vietnam to teach English. Did you receive an offer prior to leaving Vietnam, you found one easily in Hanoi?

I am interested in moving to Saigon, and I want to teach English or find an english-speaking job.

I am really interested in knowing how you survived in terms of finding a job, language, etc.

I hope to hear from you soon


mike.yupangco at