Friday, May 20, 2005

Not there yet.

We are currently and impatiently awaiting our departure. It is looking like July 18, 2005. We reserved tickets on a flight leaving that day, and it was a much better price than we had anticipated. It’s crunch time as far as saving up money as we only have two months left and 5 pays. The more we save, the more comfortable we will be when we arrive. It is a precarious balance, between saving money and wanting to party and hang out with the friends we will be leaving behind for so long. If we do nothing and save all of our money, we will regret not taking the time and money to enjoy our friends while we can. If we go out too often and spend a lot of money we will be broke when we leave and not buy all of the supplies we will need for our project. Hopefully we will make the right choices. It will be a tough two months.

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