Thursday, May 26, 2005

Quittin Time

So it is decided. We are quitting our jobs on June 30th. This will only be the 2nd job Karen has quit, but for me that number is much higher. I have quit or been fired from no less than fourteen jobs in the last five years. Some of these jobs had spectacular exits, I have roasted marshmallows on the red hot embers of the burning bridges. Others I have slipped out quietly, like a cat burglar. They didn't even know I was gone until the fourth or fifth day went by without me showing up for work or calling to explain. Anyway, whether it be loud and confrontational or subdued and simple, the fact remains, I love to quit me some jobs. There is no better feeling than to hoist your middle finger to the company that has been paying you to pick away at your soul, like some relentless crow, day in and day out. Goodbye Minacs, you have kept me fed and drunk for lo these many months, yet I can't help but resent you for employing me.
Viva los unemployed!!!

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