Friday, June 10, 2005

The patience to deal with the Visa Application Process… Priceless!

We have visited numerous websites, called various info-lines, and spoke to different representatives from the Taiwanese Consulate in Toronto and Vancouver. The only uniform information all of these sources agreed upon is that we had to send money. The amount, of course, varied every time.
In the end we received a little help from a friend who just went through this process himself, and hopefully, things haven’t changed that drastically in the short amount of time that has passed between our respective applications.
We have packed up our passports, application form, two 2 x 2 pictures taken within the last 6 months and still bare a resemblance to the sender, One self addressed stamped envelope, a photocopy of our flight itinerary, and a money order for $220.00.
Now we play the waiting game and hope the information we pieced together from the various locations is accurate enough to get the little visa page affixed to our passports. Ahhh. That’s some fine bureaucracy boys! The best part is, we get to do it all over again in 60 days if we don’t have ARC cards procured by our new employers. Oh well, Hey….do you want to buy a car?

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