Saturday, July 23, 2005

Taiwan a rock and roll all night...

What a trip! I spent eighteen and a half hours with my knees pressed up against the seats of the people in front of me. I could barely walk when we landed in Taiwan. Karen and I were the only people on our flight that had our luggage lost. Three out of four bags were sent god knows where. We hopped on a bus from the airport a whole lot lighter than we expected to be with the missing luggage. We travelled for five hours fuming about the mix up and landed in Tainan around noon. Johnny and his friend Angela met us at the bus stop and took us back to Aaron's pad where Karen and I washed the stink of the last two days off of us, and then walked to a nice restaurant and had dinner.
Karen and I took a nap while everyone else went back to work and woke up at around ten o'clock. Dave M had arrived with Cindy and we had a few beer with Dave, Johnny,Aaron,Kelly,Angela and Cindy. Dave and Cindy took off early, as Dave had to take the bus to Taipei early the next day to play soccer. The rest of us went to the Armoury, a bar usually frequented by expats. This bar stays open all night and beer is very cheap. We met some locals who bought us beer just to test out thier english skills. We left at around four A.M and went to an amazing park in the middle of the city. There was a public washroom I named the gekko house, due to the large number of gekko's on the wall. It was there that I urinated in my first hole in the floor. We took a leisurely stroll through the rest of the park and ended the night watching the sun come up from the empty streets next to Aaron and Kelly's place. It was a great first night, and our welcome party is tomorrow. So far, so good as far as our time in Tainan, We are looking forward to getting our own place and settling in. Tomorrow we go look at Johnny's old place and if everything goes well we will move in as soon as possible.

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