Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tropical Heat Waves

Today we got up early and went to the Tainan University Hospital to get our health exams done so that we can successfully gain employment here in this country. It was a lot of waiting in line and jumping through hoops, but after a few hrs we were done and decided to scooter out to the beach. It took about 20 mins in city traffic but is very close and well worth the trip. It has been no less than 26 degrees here since we arrived and that is only from dusk til dawn. The rest of the time has been about 35 plus and 100% humidity. The beads of sweat havent stopped since we arrived. The water at the beach was as warm as it was in Mexico, so it wasnt much of a relief, but still pleasant nonetheless.
The beachfront was a mess from the typhoon we missed by exactly two days, but the water and waves more than made up for it. well, hafta go, much drink to be consumed, as today is to be a celebration of Johnny's last day here!

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